Are you considering a Divorce or Legal Separation? The attorneys at Mosaic Law Firm fully understand the emotions involved in such a decision. Alimony is a device to assist one spouse in matriculating back into single life, becoming employable and/or maintaining a sense of the lifestyle they experienced during the marriage. Courts primarily base their finding and award for alimony on one spouse need for alimony and the other spouse’s ability to pay alimony. Our extensive knowledge of the law and litigation process equips us with the skill to adequately represent our clients position, regardless if you are the spouse ordered to pay or to receive alimony.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Alimony

Q: Is my spouse entitled to half of my income?

A: Your spouse’s entitlement to half of your income depends on a wide array of factors the courts evaluate when awarding alimony. There are no guidelines directing the Court to grant a certain percentage of your income. While the Court is prohibited from awarding an excessive amount, the Court has a significant amount of discretion.

Q: When will I start receiving alimony payments?

A: In Florida, you can start collecting alimony payments while your case is pending a final resolution under certain circumstances.

Q: What factors do Florida courts evaluate when determining the amount of alimony?

A: Florida courts typically consider the following factors:

  • Spouses’ prior standard of living
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Physical and emotional condition of both spouses
  • Each spouse’s financial resources and income-producing capacity
  • Services rendered in homemaking and child rearing
  • Efforts expounded in assisting the other spouse in the acquisition of education and career building
  • Time spent acquiring sufficient education or training to find appropriate employment

Q: Does cheating impact the amount of alimony?

A: Maybe. Florida law permits the Court to consider infidelity when making an award of alimony.  However, absent a showing of a related depletion of marital assets, a party’s adultery is not a valid reason to award a greater share of those marital assets to the innocent spouse or to deny the adulterous spouse alimony.

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