Car Accidents

Millions of car accidents happen each year. These car accidents can cause severe injuries resulting in loss of income, costly medical bills, or even death. You should not have to bare a financial and emotional burden caused by someone else. At Mosaic Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring you are justly compensated for your injuries. Our legal team is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can assist you. We fight for our clients ensure your rights are protected.  If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida or Washington, D.C., contact Mosaic Law Firm for a free consultation. There is no cost to you unless you get compensation for your case.

Mosaic Law Firm is conveniently located in Downtown Orlando, Florida and Downtown Washington, D.C.  Statutory requirements, court rules, and administrative orders must be strictly followed or you may lose certain rights forever. Contact us now to inquire further and learn how our firm can help you with your car accident issue.