Child Support

Child support is an issue that will be addressed in all family law cases involving children under the age of 18. In Florida, child support is based largely on the net incomes of each parent, the total number of overnight visitations each parent receives and amounts paid for the child’s health insurance and daycare. The attorneys at Mosaic Law Firm are knowledgeable about the laws governing child support and are proficient at using that knowledge to benefits our clients. Florida law requires children to be supported monetarily, but that does not mean that you have to over-pay child support or accept less support than the law allows. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Child Support

Q:  Do my child support payments stop automatically when my child turns 18?

A:  Maybe not. In Florida, child support can continue after the child’s 18th birthday if the child is still attending high school and is anticipated to graduate at the age 19. Also, child support can continue after the child’s 18th birthday if the child suffers from a disability.

Q:  Do I have to pay child support if I have “joint” custody of my child?

A: Maybe. In Florida, the goal of child support is to ensure the financial burdens for the children are equally shared.  So, while there are rare cases in which you may not have to pay support, most of the time some form of child support will be awarded.

Q: Do I have to pay federal taxes on the payments I receive in child support?

A:  No. The parent who receives the payments is not required to declare the payments as income in their tax returns. Also, note that the parent who makes the payments is not allowed to use them as deductions. However, daycare expenses may receive a deduction.

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