Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Law

The workplace is where a person spends a good majority of their time. Work should not be a place where a person feels uncomfortable or alienated. It can be difficult to know what rights you have as an employee. Employees have significant protections from workplace harassment or workplace discrimination. Often, employers use their power to stifle employee’s rights. An employer cannot discriminate against an employee on their state or federally protected traits. Employment discrimination and harassment is common and remediable. Our attorneys ensure that employee rights are protected and preserved. Once you make a claim, our Orlando Employment Law and Washington DC employment law attorneys will fight to safeguard your right to make a living.



Employment Discrimination

Employers cannot discriminate against a person on the basis of their federal or state protected traits.  Federal and state protections may vary but some common protected traits include race, age, gender and national origin. Once an employer makes a decision that adversely affects an employee on the basis of a protected trait, an employee has many options to remedy the situation. Remedies can range from monetary compensation, retaining your job or receiving a promotion. Mosaic Law Firm can assist in resolving a claim of employment discrimination to help get employees what they deserve. If you live in Florida or Washington D.C. and you feel you have been discriminated against, call Mosaic Law Firm today to schedule your consultation.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid Pro Quo (“something for something”) Sexual Harassment happens when an employer makes sexual advances or expects sexual favors in exchange for a workplace right or benefit. An employer cannot give or take away a right from a worker in exchange for sexual favors. Threats of reprisal or retaliation cannot be made on the denial of sex. Let our attorneys at Mosaic Law Firm shield you from workplace harassment. Call us today to schedule your consultation

Hostile Work Environment

The law does not protect against a bad boss. However, the law does protect employees from conduct on the behalf of an employer which is severe or pervasive. Employers do not have the right to subject employees to such conduct which can have a traumatic mental and emotional effect. The attorneys at Mosaic Law Firm understand this and strive to protect you from a toxic work environment. If you need a Florida hostile work environment lawyer or a Washington D.C. hostile work environment lawyer, please call Mosaic Law Firm today to schedule your consultation.

Employment Contracts

Getting a job offer can be new and exciting. On the other hand, negotiating an employment contract can be a tense ordeal. Employers often use their position to offer the least to prospective employees. Let the attorneys at Mosaic Law Firm review and offer their expertise to help align your career objectives with your new position.